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Together, we can:

Protect our local schools

Every parent wants their child to have the freedom to learn, be themselves, and pursue their dreams. But certain politicians in Little Rock have rigged the funding system so our local schools struggle. They don’t want local control of local schools, they want the state to take them over and give us no say in how they are run. Justin will fight to protect our local schools. He’ll work to make salaries competitive for teachers and support staff, and collaborate with our districts to reduce state-imposed mandates they can’t afford.

build An Economy That Works For US

Our tax dollars have given Little Rock a multi-million dollar tax surplus, and we’re not getting our money’s worth. Instead, certain politicians gave the top income bracket a permanent tax cut, and left hard working Arkansans with a one-time credit barely enough to cover a utility bill. Justin will fight for middle-class tax cuts, universal pre-K, and paid family leave so all Arkansans can work and provide for themselves and their families.

Hold Little Rock Accountable

Some politicians are trying to dismantle the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) so that Arkansans won’t know how our tax money is being spent. On top of that, they are bullying folks by telling them what books they are allowed to read, what medical care they are allowed to receive, and repealing child labor laws which protect children from being placed in unsafe work environments. We deserve a state government that is accountable to us – not special interests.

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